All the paintings shown in the Robert F. Harper, III, gallery are limited edition, signed and numbered, Giclée prints on canvas. Giclée is a French word (pronounced Zhee-Clay) which means "fine spray." A computer directly scans the artist's original painting. This information is used to control the tiny ink jets on a digital printer. The jets spray millions of ink droplets per second onto a sheet of canvas spinning rapidly on a drum to create thousands of shades of rich color. The canvas is then stretched around a wooden frame. the result is a print that has the look and feel of original art. The price of the Giclée prints vary depending on the size and availability of each print. For more information regarding pricing please contact:
Name: Creations In Art, LLCEmail: rharper@webpro-realty.comAddress: 1420 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 33803Phone: +1-(863)-687-8020
Name: Robert F. Harper IIIEmail: rharper@webpro-realty.comMobile: +1-(863)-602-6413